The “Department Of Work Permit For Foreigners” was established according to the 25th article of the Law on the Work Permits of Foreigners numbered 4817 and 9th article (h) clause of the Law on the Organization and Functions of Ministry of Labour and Social Security numbered 3146 and dated 09.01.1985 within the body of General Directorate of Labour One of the duties of General Directorate of Labour is doing business envisaged in the Law on Work Permit of Foreigners. By including this provision, General Directorate of Labour undertook a new mission.
With the mentioned Law, the authorization of many institutions such as Undersecretariat of Treasury, The Ministry of Interior Affairs, The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, The Ministry of National Education, The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, The Ministry of Public Works and Settlement about the evaluation of giving work permit for foreigners was taken over by our Ministry. By this transfer, these were enabled;
- To centre Legislation as far as possible,
- To provide inspection,
- To prevent illegal working of foreigners with penal sanctions,
- To reduce the bureaucratic procedures,
- To create a data base about this subject,
- To fulfil our international obligations,
- To employ foreigners within the framework of real needs our country and employers,

Branch offices on sectorial basis were established in order to conclude work permit demands of foreigners in the department about work permit of foreigners. At present, there are 8 Branch Offices. These are,
- Legislation and EU Studies,
- Education, Home Services and Health,
- Tourism,
- Direct Foreign Investments,
- Aviation,
- Other Sectors (3 Branch Office)
There are also public relations, registry, archive and data entry offices which are known as auxiliary offices..