Turkey is a country offering significant opportunities for foreign investors with its geographically perfect position to function as a gateway between Europe, Middle East and Central Asia. The opportunities exist not only in the dynamic domestic market, but also throughout the region. By providing innovative legal and consulting services, Specialist Relocation is committed to keep pace with its client's varied needs and provide creative solutions to all legal and business problems with its well educated, experienced and specialized staff.

  • specialist-preview orientation tripPREVIEW / ORIENTATION TRIP

    Preview/Orientation Trip gives families an early, personalised insight into new surroundings to increase their understanding, confidence and knowledge about the assigned city. The service is tailored to take into account and prioritise any special needs and interests, together with necessary constraints of client policy regarding commuting to their new work location. It also includes showing the main areas, medical facilities, shopping areas, parks, museums, leisure facilities, transportation facilities, tour to pre-selected specific districts/neighbourhoods, accompanying the assignee and family to all scheduled appointments and provide an overview of school options and locations.

  • specialist-Home FindingHOME FINDING

    This service includes actioning in-depth needs assessment in order to find suitable housing in Turkey. A variety of properties meeting the employee’s requirements and their employers housing allowance policies will be shown during the service. Explanation of real estate processes, lease negotiation, deposit expectation, pre-move in inspection and inventory check are also included in the package.

  • school searchSCHOOL SEARCH

    For families, the education of their children is the most important consideration when moving to a new destination. Specialist Relocation can provide a full explanation of the different educational options. Once the educational needs and preferences of the children are established, we can recommend the most appropriate schools with available places, make appointments with selected schools or colleges, and will accompany the parents on these visits.

  • specialist-settling-in-servicesSETTLING-IN SERVICES

    Once suitable accommodation has chosen, we can provide practical help with utility registrations (electricity, water, gas, phone, internet etc.) provide ad hoc assistance/ information such as finding nanny, cleaner, gardener, and assist with local administration such as opening a bank account, obtaining birth certificates and other tailor-made requirements.


    We provide complete handyman services including painting, plumbing, picture hanging, shelf and furniture assembly, appliance and lighting installation, as well as patch up services for minor repairs through our 3rd party service providers who are fluent in English.


    All document preparation for work permits, residence permits and entry visas can be coordinated and tracked with reports and updates and application approval dates given to the client and all concerned on a regular basis.


    Once the time to move to a new destination comes, we arrange lease termination, organise inventory check out, arrange cancellation of utilities and payment of final bills and assist with negotiations to return any deposits.

  • specialist-24/7 SUPPORT CENTER24/7 SUPPORT CENTER

    We are aware that facing and fixing a problem in a foreign country can be challenging for expatriates. Specialist Relocation provides a service assisting its clients 24/7 for any kind of major or minor problems.

  • specialist-Visa AssistanceVISA ASSISTANCE

    Specialist Relocation assists with obtaining entrance visa for all the countries. Our experienced Visa department will proceed with the entire process on your behalf.

  • specialist-Visa AssistanceADDITIONAL SERVICES

    Airport Transfer - Hotel Reservation - Flight Reservation - Language Support - Shopping Trip - Finding Temporary Accomodation -Cross Cultural Training - Providing Private City Tour Guide - Household Goods Move Assistance